vrijdag 15 september 2017

eindelijk een eigen website: charlesniel.com

na jaren onder de naam photoenthusiasm te werken en te posten ben ik eindelijk zo ver: www.charlesniel.com is een feit! Mijn portfolio van stilleven fotografie (nature morte) met lichtgebruik van de Hollandse meesters is online. Het fotograferen van stillevens is mijn focus geworden sinds een aantal jaren. Zenfotografie: alle tijd om vooraf alles op een rijtje te hebben met daarna nog een beperkte nabewerking.

Het betterlight systeem heb ik uiteindelijk verlaten: tijdens de opname duur van 15 minuten voor 1 opame blijken ook geplukte of afgesneden tulpen nog beweeglijk. Zeker als je dan met focusstacking wilt werken wordt dit een probleem. Om die reden ben ik overgestapt naar een Hasselblad H3Dii met 31MP achterwand. Verlichting: ledpanels ondere van litepanels. Ik heb nog even getwijfeld om de nieuwe Nikon D850     maar deze storm laat ik voor nu maar even voorbij gaan.

veel kijkplezier op mijn website.

zaterdag 17 oktober 2015

travelwide arrived

agter two years of hard work from wanderlust, finally they arrived today: two bodies of the travelwide: the 90mm and the 65mm.
What can You expect when the bell rings?
The helicoil and the inside of the body are covered with selfadhesive felt. Unfortunately I sold the (near mint) lenses for both bodies...........

zaterdag 17 januari 2015

Flowers (Bloemen from Holland)

following my track in photography leads me to still life. To me it is really a "zen-style": not only the results, but may be even more: the process of making the photographs. Thinking on beforehand, working, reworking, searching for the result that was already in my head before starting to take the picture. These photographs are the first 4 of a series. It is difficult not to get tempted to  too much diversity due to the numerous possibilities in technical postprocessing. For instance: the roses could get a little extra glow and give them more character, but performing the same action on the tulips does them harm. In the end I decided to search for a postprocessing that does justice to the unique character that each flower has, without losing the uniformity of the series or the poetic message from it. I hope You enjoy watching them as much as I do making the pictures.

vrijdag 5 december 2014

Lisboa impressions with a Hasselblad SWC

a visit in Lisboa Portugal and surroundings with my Hasselblad SWC. All pictures were made handheld without any kind of a viewfinder: composition and focussing was a guess. None of the images is cropped afterwards :-)

zaterdag 23 augustus 2014

Betterlight scanback

Recently I was able to purchase a used betterlight scanback. I always wanted to try these as, to my opinion (for what this is worth) the results with these backs come most closely to analogue photography. Installation and getting the workflow complete was a kind of adventure. Not millions of users here, but with the great communication and help of the designer of these backs, Mike Collette, everything works flawless on my old ibook G4 (saved from the hands of my children). The results are stunning: combining it with the current software a new world for creativity opens to me. The back is also very sensitive to infrared: great challenges to be found here!

zaterdag 12 juli 2014


verleden week een weekje Noord-Holland via de tall ship races in harlingen. Het was een last minute zoektocht naar een rustige en fijne logeerplek. Met een glimlach kwam ik de pipowagen van camping 3akers tegen in Woude. Dankzij de gastvrijheid van Yvonne werd het een heerlijke week vol van ontdekkingen. Zo veel historie bij elkaar in dit gebied. Heerlijk gegeten in de Rijp (Wapen van Munster: bedankt Bas!!!!). Foto's zeggen meer dan woorden: de hele serie: klik hier............fotoserie de Woude

zondag 27 oktober 2013


The picture above was my first encounter with Lilithlove. I didn’t have the opportunity to look for further information but this photograph got a prominent place in my personal library of mental pictures. Why? Powerfull colours, only few elements in the picture with a powerfull composition raising instant questions: is this a parody about Hugh Hefner’s playboy? Without the context of more pictures I was only left with questions. Recently Lilith and I became facebookfriends and I got answers…..

Her pictures constantly excel by the use of only very limited number of elements  carefully composed around a central theme: inner, personal expression. Her use of colour attracts instant attention, whereas the content of the photographs invite You to stay longer by raising questions, sometimes crossing the line between astonishment and absurdity. The longer You look, the more You see. In the picture above: the tension between the bathing toys and the cigarette gives You the clue to interpreting the picture.

Many use themselves to tell their store. These stories differ widely. Cindy Sherman for instance: how different can one person be in different surroundings. Nan Goldin uses her environment to talk about her being a person within a specific environment. Lilithlove literally, but most of all: metaphorically speaking, strips herself to show the nudity of a personality. As a result of her photographic expression her vulnarability is her strenght. And what a strenght it is!

maandag 14 oktober 2013

mein liebes Deutschland (selfportrait)

some weeks ago my wife and I visited Dresden and surroundings. When I said to her: "this is typically German" (I am Dutch, she is German) she answered: "no, that is what it was used to be". My theme for a series was born...
The series comprises of photographs that depict my vision on the German way of life as I remember it from the sixties and seventies. There are still many sites where time seemed to be frozen..... This (almost) rigidity is also the feelings I carry with me from my youth in these days. Why Germany? I lived nearby, my family made trips to (West) Germany regularly. Germany with its Wirtschafswunder always was set as an example....

more photographs can be seen here: mein liebes Deutschland
all were shot with an old Hasselblad with Sonnar lens, both given to me.

zondag 19 mei 2013

fotofestival Naarden 2013 FFN Don't stay here-Dutch photography on the move

yesterday the 13th festival on Dutch photography started at Naarden: FFN 2013. It will stay untill 23th of june at the nice old towncentre of Naarden, not far from Amsterdam. This years theme: Dutch photography on the move. Dutch photographers show their personal view on other countries.

list of contributors: link to their website (if available) included in the name

Willem Wernsen
Wouter Stelwagen
Xiao Xiao Xu
Claire Felicie
Eddy van Wessel
Marieke van der Velden
Bas Losekoot
Bruce Gilden
Iwan Baan
Jan Banning
Janus van den Eijnden
Milette Raats
Vivian Keulards
Chantal Heijnen
Ferry Verheij
Henk Bothof
Martin Waalboer
Marcel Brons
Ad Nuis
Aleksander Willemse
André Kuipers
Bart Koetsier
Carla Kogelman
Dolph Kessler
Hellen van Meene
Jasper Groen
Jepke van Hengst
Marieke ten Wolde
Marrigje de Maar
Natalie Denkrova
Olivier van Breugel en Simone  Mudde
Robert Knoth
Annelie  Vandendael
Bara Lockefeer
David de Jong
Els Zweerink
Francisco Reina
Hüsne Afsar
Jak Beemsterboer
Jonathan Schlingemann
Katharina Pöhlmann
Liny Mutsaers
Maarten Boswijk
Marjolein Blom
Mascha Joustra
Monne Tuinhout
Petra Vaessen
Rik Vermeulen
Richard Koek
Sujata Majumdar

additional links:

about Fela Kuti: zombie: music form Fela Kuti and music and documentary on Fela Kuti
about Grand Hotel Beira: filmtrailer Lotte Stoop
about recent developments concerning the Suri population: Dietmar Temps weblog
about Harper: blurb preview book and background information by Bram Posthumus

zondag 28 april 2013

Hand Made

I was pleased being offered to give a small photo exhibition. Until: I discovered having lost my digital picture archive....which gave me the opportunity to start all over, not looking back.
To make optimal use of the time to prepare everything I decided to give a pictorial impression made in the street I live of some of the smaller companies where everything is hand made: coffee, jewelry, chocolate, woodwork. The exposition is a selection made from this slideshow.

slide show hand made

please respect copyright on all images in this set

maandag 3 december 2012

letting your dog out...

see a set of 20 photographs and click here:     radio Kootwijk

imagine You are walking with your dog in the middle of an area of outstanding natural beauty at the Hoge Veluwe in the Netherlands, and You see this tall building, surrounded by sand and trees: how surrealistic can this be...

radio Kootwijk was build in the twenties of last century and is a monumental example of Dutch architecture

many thanks to Marian for showing me the entrance!

vrijdag 24 augustus 2012

Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943 – Plog Photo Blog

Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943 – Plog Photo Blog

Stumbled upon: great collection of colorslides made during the great depression in the United States.
We all know the black and white series: this is new to me.

maandag 20 augustus 2012

Eddy van Wessel

recently I met Eddy van Wessel, a Dutch press photographer and purchased his Brooks Veriwide 100. After adapting a Cambo and Cambo Wide to a point and shoot 4x5 camera, this turned out too heavy. By accident I saw the Brooks Veriwide and am glad to be given the chance to use it. The super angulon 47mm in combination with the 6x10cm filmformat is fabulous. The light fall off towards the corners makes pictures looking like a filmset, giving them more depth. Eddy van Wessel took great pictures with this camera until fairly recently (not the one below!).


Brooks Veriwide 100: recent pictures

woensdag 15 augustus 2012

August 31nd: guided tour in Foam: exhibition Alex Prager: Alex Prager is your tour leader!
Prager, an American photographer (born 1979), autodidact, won this years Foam international award for photographers up to 35 years old. Her work resembles scenes from a virtual world as in soap television: exaggerated, often hyperrealistic. Sadly, the guided tour is open to Foam members only, but be convinced that this is enough reason to become member for this year!

Compulsion by Alex Prager